Sedation Services Available at Concept Dental in Conception Bay South

Inhalation Sedation (Laughing Gas, Nitrous Oxide)

Nitrous oxide is simply a gas which you can breathe in. It has no colour, smell or taste. After 5 minutes or so of breathing in the gas, you should feel a relaxed feeling spread through your body. You will feel a bit light-headed and often people get “the giggles” (hence the name “laughing gas”). Nitrous takes effect quickly and also wears off quickly, so most people will feel back to normal by the end of their appointment. Therefore, it is not necessary to have an escort/driver present (except for children).

If you think you may benefit from nitrous oxide, just advise us at the time of booking.

How Is Nitrous Oxide Administered?

The equipment used for delivering N2O is quite simple. It consists of a supply of compressed gases and an apparatus which delivers the gases to the patient. The desired N2O-O2 mix is fed through a tube that’s attached to a nasal mask. The mask is put over your nose. All you have to do is breathe normally through your nose.

Is Nitrous Covered by My Insurance?

Some insurance companies do cover nitrous oxide. If you are wondering about this procedure being covered, we will happily give you a code so you can check with your insurance company

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a prescription your dentist can write for you in advance. This medication is taken an hour before your appointment time. This medication has a calming/relaxing effect; however, you remain fully conscious. It is important to note that once taking this medication, you are legally impaired for 24 hours. Also, you will need an escort/driver to drive you to and from your dental appointment. It is important to mention that when you are booking this appointment, you should keep in mind any work/school commitments you may have that day.

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