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Crowns & Bridges

Professional Dental Restoration Services in Conception Bay South

Concept Dental offers clients dental restoration services to protect and restore damaged teeth. At our facility in Conception Bay South, we provide crowns and bridges to patients suffering from partially broken teeth. Crowns and bridges not only restore a damaged tooth's shape and function, but they can also protect the tooth against further damage. 


In House Laboratory


Having our laboratory on-site allows us to have much better control of your treatment from start to finish. It also helps to ensure the quality of the product and service that the lab provides. Our trained staff can provide a customized service as they can assess your needs together with our dentists at your initial appointment. We can make precise molds of your teeth right here and have advanced technology that allows them to see the shape, formation and exact color of your teeth at the early stages. They can easily locate any problems that will involve their expertise and work on them with our dentist from the start. This minimizes the risks of any errors or mistakes, which can cost you time and money.

Having our own dental lab on-site allows a single human to personally hand make your dental product, not an assembly line. As soon as the first version of the product leaves the lab it can be fit and tested immediately by the patient. Color, Fit, Strength and Aesthetic values can be quickly assessed and any modifications can be made right away to ensure a perfect product.

Since our lab doesn't produce thousands of these dental products each month, we can afford to make each one special, we can afford to use the best materials only. Concept Dental takes pride in each and every dental masterpiece it creates. As a customer, you will get a 1 of a kind product, perfectly customized just for your mouth!


If your dentist does not have a Dental Lab on-site, you will often have to make multiple trips for fittings so they can be sent to an offsite laboratory for adjustments each time. You may also have the inconvenience of having to wear a temporary restoration until your final product has been made and fitted. With an onsite lab you may only have to wait one day for your treatment to be completed. Our technicians can take molds and make fittings in one appointment. When your treatment is underway our staff will be on hand to check the shape, color and fit in person. This ensures optimal cosmetic appearance and functional results. It also reduces the need for second appointments if the change can be made onsite.


Give us a call and schedule an appointment with us today! Our Conception Bay South facility is open from Monday to Friday.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Both crowns and bridges serve as effective dental restoration treatments. However, they are slightly different. Here is some information about crowns and bridges. 


Crowns are applied when your teeth are partially damaged or when you have a root canal or large filling. They are hollow caps that cover the teeth or dental implants. This helps restore your teeth and protect it from further damage. They can also be used to cover discoloured or misshapen teeth. Crowns are strong and can last up to 10 years or longer and can withstand regular brushing and flossing. 


A bridge is a dental restoration that replaces one or multiple missing teeth. It is made up of an artificial tooth fused between two crowns. It is held firmly in place by your natural teeth that are on each of its sides. A bridge is permanent and cannot be removed. Flossing has to be done under the bridge since the artificial tooth is anchored in between the natural teeth on either side. 

Traditional bridges are applied when you have strong natural teeth on either side of the gap left by a missing tooth. If you do not have any natural teeth to act as anchors, dentists may add a single implant to replace the missing tooth. A custom-made bridge is then anchored to your dental implant.

Are Your Teeth Damaged?

Consider dental crowns to restore your damaged teeth.

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